Hi alls.... now DULUX have a new product... its called DULUX WATER-BASED GLOSS. Why must choose DULUX WATER-BASED GLOSS???, its because this paint is the safer choice for you and your family....

Keeping your family healthy and happy is important to us as much as it is to you. That's why DULUX WATER-BASED GLOSS paint has less harmful chemicals that leave no smell on your wood and metal surfaces. It requires no paint thinner, just environmentally friendly water. Best of all, it applies in the same way you've come to expect from a Dulux quality paint.


1. Low VOC, Low odour.
2. Long lasting colours with yellowing resinstance.
3. Fast drying time.
4. Quick & convinient application.
5. Singapore Green Label certified.

source : DULUX WATER-BASED GLOSS booklet...

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